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Hours: 6:00am - 7:00pm M-F

Outdoor Play

              Your child’s day will be balanced between indoor activities and the opportunity for rigorous play outdoors.  Our playgrounds provide a variety of equipment and surfaces that encourage gross motor skill development and physical health.  State licensing requires that we include outdoor time each day as weather permits.  Consequently, children who are well enough to attend our center are expected to participate in all activities including outside time.  Please be sure your child has appropriate outdoor clothing each day.  Children will not go out during rainy weather or if temperatures are dangerously hot or cold.


Our classrooms are separated by age and developmental level.  We pride ourselves on providing clean, safe and comfortable classrooms where your child will feel secure.  Our large activity centers offer home living/dramatic play, block play, science, art, quiet areas for reading and a variety of manipulativies for exploration and problem solving.  Your child will be encouraged to work independently, in small groups, or large groups and will learn by doing.  Outside each classroom is a parent bulletin board for the exchange of information.  Weekly schedules and lesson plans are posted in this area, and daily information sheets will be sent home with teacher comments.